The notorious Phil Varone tape is a video footage of Phil Varone and his girlfriends while having sex. It was made when the groupies were, backstage on various tours. During one of the days they were there, the two got bored and decided to make themselves a sex tape, supposedly for their own consumption.

Phil Varrone, Jr. He is the son of a gospel singer (how ironic) and the brother of then more famous sister, Brandy. Ray J was a child actor and also an R&B singer. He is also a successful record producer Varone began playing in various local bands. In 1988, he joined together with some of his friends and formed Saigon Kick. as well as a Billboard top 10 single for the song, “Love is On the Way”. In 1996, Saigon Kick disbanded and Varone stayed busy producing and doing POV sex tapes with groupies.

In 2000, Varone joined multi-platinum recording artists Skid Row and continued making sex tapes with groupies and had sex with thousands of women. In April 2009, Varone participated in Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, a VH1 spinoff of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew that features celebrities being rehabilitated for sex addiction. In the first episode, Varone revealed that his sex addiction worsened after his mother died from a cerebral aneurysm in 1998.

Phil Varone whose real name is Phillip Varrone III is the son his parents.

Three years after making the tape, it suddenly was leaked on the Internet and the lives of the two were shook. Although surprised (?), the two cannot deny that they received tremendous benefits from the release of the sex tape.

You can watch full Phil Varone sex tape here.